MTH Real Estate Advisors
Investment Strategies

MTH REA works with real estate investors to make sound financial purchasing decisions based on an understanding of a real properties potential combined with each client’s personal investment strategy.  We will identify real estate investments based on your individual needs.  Whether you are looking for:

  • High Future Value: An investment into real estate where rents provide an annual return less than the amount needed to cover expenses and debt service. These properties are typically found in quality locations that are in high demand. Temporary losses can be tolerated due to the anticipated high future value of the property.
  • Low risk long term hold: An investment into real estate with marginal rent and a minimal potential for an increase future value. The hold time for an investment in this type of property would be long term. The value of this investment is realized when the debt is paid off and the cash flow provides steady income.
  • High Cash Flow: An investment into property that provides cash flow but may see a minimal return on future value. These investments can typically be found in areas that have not experienced much growth but have a high rental demand. The intention of these investments is to provide stable and desirable cash flow.
  • High Cash Flow & High Future Value: An investment into real estate that provides strong cash flow with a huge potential for future value. Although rare, these investments are available. In many cases, assets must undergo a repositioning to convert them to high cash flow with high future value.

Following each purchase, MTH REA initiates a campaign to maximize returns through asset stabilization, property improvements or repositioning. MTH REA is also able to improve current value by converting under-performing or distressed real estate holdings into income producing properties through a strategic combination of leasing, development and sales.