MTH Real Estate Advisors
REO Brokerage

In recent years, the Real Estate market has become distorted. With the decline in real estate values and marketability, lenders, investors and asset managers are charged with positioning themselves and their entities for the best possible outcome. In this new real estate environment, development plans and investment strategies must be altered. Whether the goal is to minimize losses or maximize shareholder wealth, an advisor with diverse resources and the ability to orchestrate and execute various contingency plans is essential. The function of MTH Real Estate Advisors (MTH REA) is to provide customized advisory and brokerage services to its clients, enabling them to realize both their short term and long term goals.

Brokers and consultants with a wide scope of expertise and resources are available to provide a combination of services including consulting, leasing, property management and traditional brokerage. MTH REA is flexible and has the ability to provide a customized strategy to accomplish the goals of its clients. Utilizing its assembly of expert advisors, MTH REA can evaluate real estate, present the most advantageous plan and convert under-performing or distressed real estate holdings into income producing property through a strategic combination of leasing, development and sales.